Trial-By-Combat: The Death Cup

What is The Death Cup?

Gameplay Incentives

Gameplay Incentives: Easter Egg Numbers

Gameplay incentives: Easter Egg Numbers

Weekly Prizes Leaderboard (Most Wins per Champion)

Weekly Leaderboard, Most Wins: Champion

Weekly Prizes Leaderboard (Most Wins per Barracks)

Weekly Leaderboard, Most Wins: Barracks


  • First Undead Play-For-Keeps ($100USD)
  • First Champion to enter five Play-For-Keeps matches ($100USD)

Social Incentives

Community-voted “Best Call-Out” #TRVCallOut

Challenge Accepted

Community-voted “Best Smack Talk” #TRVSmackTalk

Champions better get training for To-The-Death…

Community-voted “Bravest Battlemasters” #TRVBrave

You’re a wizard, Harry
  • Post to twitter and use the correct hashtag
  • The five most liked tweets for each hashtag will go through to the final, as well as five that are chosen by the TRV Team as their favourites, making ten in total for each category
  • The community will then vote on the five final winners in Discord, in a custom channel that will be opened, where the five most liked posts for each category will win
  • Tweets must be dated between June 30 and July 28, 2022 (GMT)



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