A Useless Pile of Bones… Or is it?

Ew it’s a pile of bones

How will the Mystic Bones drop work?

  • The Pre-sale (for all whitelist raffle winners) will commence at 4PM ET, Monday 24th January, 2022. It will run for 24hours, during which raffle winners will be able to mint ONE Mystic Bones per winning raffle entry.
  • The Public sale (for everyone else) will commence at 4PM ET, Tuesday 25th January, 2022. There will be 3,965 Mystic Bones available (35 are being kept for promotional use), plus whatever is unsold from the pre-sale. The public sale will run until sold out — though a reminder, that only took 11 minutes for the Blood Portal public sale in November.

And what do Mystic Bones do, exactly?

Bones are for burying
A screengrab from RuneScape classic. Did you know you needed to bury nearly 3 million piles of bones to get to level 99 Prayer in RuneScape? Totally worth it, though.

A recap of the bloodshed in 2021

How did the Blood Portal drop work?

And what about Tournaments?

Ew it’s a pile of bones



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