The Rank Up Championship

A massive Championship running through August, targeting each of The Red Village Battle Classes: Outlaw, Heroic, Legendary, and Immortal.

The Red Village
4 min readAug 5, 2022

A forgotten Champion lies in dusty wait,
Under cold stone floors, discarded traits,
Weapons dulled by the pass of time,
But e’er ready to regain their prime…

The Red Village is proud to present the Rank Up Championship (RUC), a four week Championship running through August and September 2022. Each week of the RUC will be focused on a specific Class; Outlaw, Heroic, Legendary and Immortal. Progression in the RUC will occur through the Classes in order.

The Championship is designed to reinvigorate the lower Classes, and encourage Battlemasters to fight their lesser used Champions, as well as shoot for glory with the biggest, baddest and strongest Champions in the game. After all, you never know who is hiding in the Outlaw Class…

Click here to view a full and comprehensive guide to the RUC, including Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

How Do I Participate?

To participate, Battlemasters must simply enter their eligible Champion/s into any Tournaments during the relevant weeks, listed below. Champions can compete in Classic Tournaments, On-Demand, or Double-Up Tournaments over the Qualifying Period. Tournaments can be either free or paid entry. 1v1 (To-The-Death) Tournaments do not count.

Battlemasters can enter as many Tournaments as they like during the Championship, with as many eligible Champions as they like. However, they can only enter ONE Champion per Tournament match. In other words, in a Classic 8 player Tournament, only ONE Champion can be owned by you for it to be eligible for the RUC.

If Champions move Class (up or down) during the RUC, this is okay (and in fact, is definitely expected) — a snapshot will be taken of ELIGIBLE Champions for each class at the start of the qualifying period. So, even if you begin the Outlaw week an Outlaw and your Champion ends the qualifying period as an Immortal, any Tournaments completed in other Classes along the way still count towards the Outrageous Outlaws qualifying week.

What is the Structure of the RUC?

The RUC will run from 9PM (ET) on Saturday the 6th of August, until 715PM on Friday the 2nd of September, 2022, split into four week-long increments:

  • The Qualifying Period for each week will run from 9PM ET on Saturdays, until 9PM ET on Wednesdays. During this time, eligible Champions are awarded Points for every eligible Tournament that they compete in.
  • The Semi Finals for each week begin at 7PM ET on a Thursday, and end at 9PM ET that same day. During Semi Finals, the top 64 Champions will be randomly assigned to eight x eight player Tournaments. The winner of each Semi Final will progress to the Grand Final.
  • The Grand Final for each week begins at 7PM ET on the Friday, and ends at 715PM ET the same day. The winner of the Grand Final is the Rank Up Champion for that Class.

How do Champions get Points?

Champions are awarded points based on their finishing position in every single eligible Tournament that they compete in with an eligible Champion during the relevant week. The top 64 Champions with the most points will qualify for the Semi Finals for each category.

The Tournament is designed to reward participation. There is no maximum number of Tournaments that count towards a points score. Champions must compete in a minimum of 10 Tournaments to qualify for the Semi Finals.

  • 1st: 8 points
  • 2nd: 4 points
  • Placed (3rd/4th): 2 points
  • Lost (5–8th): 1 point

Semi and Grand Finals

The top 64 Champions each week progress to the Semi Finals. There are eight Semi Finals, each of which has eight Champions. Champions are randomly seeded into Semi Finals. The winners of each Semi Final will move on to the Grand Final. Battlemasters must manually enter their own Champions into the Semi and Grand Finals — this is not an automatic process. These finals will be whitelisted, so only eligible Champions can enter.


The official Leaderboard will be maintained by Scuer.eth at The leaderboard will update live and will be the most accurate place to keep an eye on your Champion’s Progression.

Prize Pools

Each week of the RUC will have a different total Prize Pool, however the allocations awarded to winning Champions will be the same as a percentage.

Each Semi Final will receive 7.5% of the total Prize Pool for each week, divided among 1st and 2nd place. 1st place will receive 70% of the prize, and 2nd will receive 30% of the prize.

Each Grand Final will receive 40% of the total Prize Pool for each week, which will be divided between 1st and 2nd place, with 1st place receiving 70% of the allocation, and 2nd place receiving 30% of the allocation.

Bonus Winners!

There are two ‘for fun’ Bonus Payments available for Battlemasters during the RUC.

  1. Qualify for the Semi Finals in both Week One and Week Four with the same Champion: $50 USD Bonus
  2. Win both Week One and Week Four with the same Champion: $1,000 USD Bonus

More details and Terms & Conditions:

We have put together a thorough guide to the RUC on our gitbook, available by clicking here. This also contains the comprehensive Terms and Conditions.



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