The Blood Preachers

The beginning of The Red Village Content Creator Fund; spreading the Blood Queen’s message

The Red Village
5 min readFeb 21, 2022

A blooded stone and broken bone,
A curse upon your broken home,
The dread of facing terrors known,
The evil reaps the horrors sown.

The Red Village team is excited to announce The Red Village Content Creator Fund. The fund will be a scholarship program, designed to help new content creators enter the space as well as provide training and mentorship for existing content creators to take their streams, videos, and podcasts to the next level.

What the Blood Preachers will get

The TRV Creator Fund is, at its heart, about furthering the involvement and engagement of the community. We recognise that our community is our strongest asset. Encouraging those who spend time and effort broadcasting and promoting the bloodshed within The Red Village will have huge flow on effects for the way our game is viewed and adopted by the broader blockchain and traditional gaming audiences.

The program will provide assistance to participants through either financial backing and/or training and education. At this stage, the key areas we are focusing on providing assistance are:

  1. Month long training programs with existing successful mentors
  2. Upgrading stream, video, or podcast assets
  3. Upgrading hardware and software capabilities

There will of course be set guidelines and accountabilities for creators to ensure that money invested in the fund is well spent, but the focus is on upskilling creators and driving the highest quality content for Villagers as we rapidly grow into one of the largest games on the blockchain.

To be considered for entry into the program, Battlemasters will need to complete a short application form which will be released in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in The Red Village discord for more information. Of course, any other creatives in the Village are welcome to express interest in things such as creating streaming assets for participants and creators; we would love to support as many as we can within the Village!

Our first Blood Preacher: A Kid From Compton!

The first participant in the program has been selected internally; a fiery and vocal member of the community who will be helping us structure the program into the future. Congratulations, A Kid From Compton (AKFC)! As most in the community will be aware, AKFC is a larger than life member of the Village who keeps the discord gen-chat entertained around-the-clock with his insightful comments. AKFC will test the program and provide feedback, allowing us to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively for future participants.

AKFC will be provided funds to upgrade some broadcasting equipment as well as have some assets created for his videos, streams & potentially podcasts. He will also be doing one-on-one work with an existing, highly successful streamer, Doofy (Bloody Oath Fighting) over March/April.

Introducing our new role; Community Lead

Doofy has volunteered to be the current mentor for the program and will be working with those who are looking for education in the content creator space, having gained massive traction as an unofficial creator for another blockchain game, ZED RUN, over the last couple of years.

In line with our commitment to community engagement, and understanding the real sentiment, both positive and negative, around life in the Village, we have also decided to formalise The Red Village’s relationship with Doofy. We’ve asked Doofy to act as Community Lead for The Red Village, and he has graciously accepted. He will be keeping a finger on the pulse, keeping the TRV team accountable, and giving us suggestions and advice based on his experience in both the TRV community, and in other, similar projects.

As our staff are not allowed to own any assets or play The Red Village game, we expect to rely heavily on people such as Doofy (and plenty of others) to understand the user experience, what aspects of the game and the ecosystem need to be improved, and how we can better service Battlemasters to ensure they are having the best possible time. We believe this engagement is critical to our success and hope to expand these sorts of roles in future.

Doofy is not a staff member, and will never be paid a wage. He does not have any decision making powers, and is not able to access any internal information regarding the game or the Champions within it. His role is to provide advice to us directly, reflecting both his own experience and broader community feedback. We’re really excited to introduce this kind of groundbreaking role, and think it sets a great model for all blockchain games in future. Community concerns falling on deaf ears is the fastest way to kill a good project; and the only blood we want spilled is on the arena floor!

Ready to face an onslaught of Champions in the arena?

Where to next?

It is our vision to loop scholars back into the program in the future — once the foundations are set — to allow us to help and support more Villagers who are looking to enter the content creators space. We’re always here for the community and would love to support those looking to spread the Blood Queen’s word far beyond the Village walls.

The entire ecosystem of blockchain gaming grows when community is engaged, when content is being produced that is fun, interesting to watch, and captures the attention of new audiences. Spearheading this approach — by incentivising creators and having an active Community Lead role — will be hugely beneficial to The Red Village ecosystem in the long run, and is a model that we think will be adopted far and wide within blockchain gaming.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything above, please reach out to the TRV co-founders Lucien, Brendan or Matan directly via The Red Village Discord. If you have any questions about the program, Doofy is more than happy to take those questions from the community.




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