The Red Village Partners with Hawku

The dark-fantasy game has partnered with NFT marketplace Hawku to bring data and insights to the process of buying and selling in-game assets such as Champions.

The Red Village
3 min readJul 18, 2022

The Battlemaster knows their fighters,
Some who strike and land their blows,
Others miss and fall to foes,
But now at market all is bright,
Hawku helps the Barracks’ fight…

TL;DR Hawku X The Red Village Champion Buying Guide

It is no secret that a key pillar of the progression towards mass adoption in web3 gaming is removing friction in the user experience — the easier it is for a new player to pick up their device and get started in an ecosystem, the more likely they are to start playing, to have fun, and to stick around.

However, there has long been a disconnect between traditional NFT marketplaces, which are focused on cosmetic-rarity driven Profile-Picture Projects (PFPs), and the needs of web3 gamers, who often invest in in-game assets for their utility, performance, or capabilities, as much as for their cosmetic features.

Bridging this gap has previously required players (of any web3 game!) to cross reference an asset they would like to buy on a platform such as OpenSea with its in-game performance, usually found on third party tool providers such as TRVTools. This process had numerous disadvantages, including mispricing assets, and was an incredibly inefficient and time-consuming method for players both new and old to purchase in-game assets such as The Red Village Champions.

Enter Hawku, stage left. Backed by some of the biggest players in the industry, including Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, and Lightspeed Ventures, Hawku is a marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs which initially gained traction as the premier trading platform for ZED.RUN, the popular web3 game. Proving that players need access to data to support their buying decisions, Hawku has added an abundance of important information to its buying and selling pages for The Red Village in-game assets.

Players can now easily see a given Champion’s Tournament history, attack stats, financial stats, 1v1 stats, and many more, all on the one page. These statistics are pulled from a combination of on-chain results, and through API calls to The Red Village website, and so are the best and most accurate reflection of a Champion’s ability, and the best way to price any given Champion.

The Hawku team has prepared a concise buying guide, outlining exactly what a new (or existing) player of The Red Village should be looking for in a Champion, and explaining how to use their user-friendly website. Players are always welcome to join the active The Red Village discord, and make suggestions in the popular #Suggestions channel, which is monitored closely by the team. Any suggestions regarding the Hawku marketplace will be passed on to the Hawku team.

Fight with confidence, Battlemasters!



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